Club 4000

82 peaks in the Alps to reach

The "Club 4000" brings together mountaineers who climbed at least 30 Alps summits higher than 4000 meters, out of the 82 included in the Official list approved by UIAA. Club 4000 is a group within the Turin section of the Italian Alpine Club (Club Alpino Italiano, CAI) .

Club 4000 has the ambition to be the reference and aggregating point for high-altitude mountaineers having a specific interest in climbing the Alps peaks over 4000 meters high.

About us

Luca Calzone

Club4000, President

In november 1993 the CAI magazine published an article by Luciano Ratto titled "All the 4000s in the Alps", explaining how the official list of the peaks over 4 thousand meters in the Alps was defined. The article included the invitation to all 'collectors' of 4000s to join the "Club4000". This can therefore be considered the date of birth of the Club.



Art. 1 - "Club 4000" brings together the climbers who have climbed at least 30 Alps peaks higher than 4000 meters out of the 82 in the official UIAA list; founded by Luciano Ratto and Franco Bianco in 1993, it is constituted as the Turin Section Italian Alpine Club (CAI) Group, taking as denomination: "CLUB 4000" group.

Art. 2 - The Group "CLUB 4000" included in its rules, according to the criteria of Article 35 Title VI of the Statute of the Italian Alpine Club of Turin Section, statutes and regulations of the membership Section and the general interests of the CAI.

Art. 3 - The Group "CLUB 4000" strives to promote and encourage the mountaineering activities in the high mountains, while respecting the natural environment, stimulating and encouraging mutual understanding and the meeting between the members in order of information exchange , experiences and documentation. It maintains and updates the historical list of its members and their activities. Keeps record of climbers who have climbed at least 30 "4000" who submit their request.

Art. 4 - The "CLUB 4000" Group adopts as Registered Office the historic seat of the Turin Section at Monte dei Cappuccini, via Gaetano Giardino 48 - 10131 Turin.

Art. 5 - All members of the Italian Alpine Club who have climbed at least 30 out of the  82 Alps peaks higher than 4000 meters included in the official list of UIAA can join the Group "CLUB 4000", upon acceptance by the Board of Directors.

For members of the Turin Section it is sufficient to apply to the secretariat of the "CLUB 4000 Group"; members of other Sections them will need the aggregation to the Turin Section.

A special award will be given to Members who have risen respectively 50, 70, 82 "4000".

Art. 6 - The application form must contain the following data:

  • name and surname, date of birth, address and telephone number;
  • CAI membership, and request to be aggregated the Turin Section or request to join the Turin Section;
  • e-mail address (if not willing to appear on the website, an explicit request is mandatory);
  • list of 4000 climbed among those reported in the official UIAA, specifying date, ascnet route and, at the request of the Executive Council, the name of the climbing companions;
  • date of the latest 4000 climbed for the first time;
  • notes;
  • an introduction note by the other Club 4000 member or of a CAAI member or the President of the CAI Section they belong to.

The membership application constitutes acceptance of these rules and that the supplied data are published on the "CLUB 4000" Group website.

Art. 7 - the Group's "4000 CLUB" organs are:

  • the Assembly
  • the Board of Directors.

Art. 8 - The Assembly is the sovereign body of the "CLUB 4000 Group", it represents all members, its resolutions are binding on absent and dissenting.

The Assembly:

  • elects the members of the Board;
  • annually approves the Group's program, the President's report, the financial statements;
  • deliberates on proposals to amend the Regulation, to be submitted to the Divisional Council;
  • decides on the Group's dissolution, the details of which are laid down by the Sectional Council on the basis of Article 35 Sectional Regulations;
  • decides on any other matter included on the agenda submitted by the Executive Council or proposed by the motion of at least twenty members of the Group.

Art. 9 - The ordinary general meeting is convened by the Board once a year, between mid-September and mid-December.

The extraordinary shareholders' meetings are convened by the Executive Council if it sees fit, or within 20 days from receipt of the request of at least one-tenth of the Group entitled to vote.

Art. 10 - They have the right to attend all meetings of the Group "CLUB 4000" defined by 5 6 and articles of these Regulations and that comply with the company's shares; underage members have no voting rights for economic issues. Each member of the Group is entitled to only one vote, it is permitted by written proxy vote.

The vote for the election of members of the Board be held by secret ballot, the other voting by show of hands.

Art. 11 - The President, in his absence the Vice President, in his absence in order of registration to the CAI seniority, the oldest Director, presides over the assembly. In the case of elections appoints a returning officer and two tellers. The Chairman of ascertaining the validity of the same and the right to participate and vote.

Art. 12 - All Group members entitled to vote are eligible to apply for the post of Director, in a writing received by the secretariat of the Group within 18,00 hours the day before the meeting. Voters may express a preference on the number card does not exceed the number of eligible Directors. With the same vote is elected the shareholder with more seniority of membership of the CAI

Art. 13 - The Board of Directors consists of seven members, who shall hold office for three years and may be reelected consecutively for two terms. If there are not enough candidates to fill posts available in the Counselor expiry of the second term can reapply.

Art. 14 - If a Director resigned before the natural expiration of the mandate, new voting will be held on the occasion of the first meeting. If as a result of the resignation of the Board members should be reduced to less than four numbers, it must be called within a month an extraordinary general meeting.

Art. 15 - The Board of Directors appoints by majority:

  • President
  • Vice President.

The offices above are not cumulable in the same person. The offices are closely linked to the mandate of the Board and therefore have equal duration, decaying unexpired term. In the case of Councillor reelection is not automatic renewal of the charge referred to in this article.

Art. 16 - All officers are unpaid.

Art. 17 - The President convenes and chairs the meetings of the Executive Council and has the representation of the Group "CLUB 4000" in front of the Sectional Council, has the signature that may delegate.

Art. 18 - The Vice President replaces the President, with the same powers, in case of his absence or inability, in accordance with article 21 of Sectional Statute and article 11 of these Regulations.

Art. 19 - In case of impediment of the President and the Vice President, the task will be done by the Director with greater seniority of membership of the CAI, which will assume the seniority of the one it replaces.

Art. 20 - The members of the "CLUB 4000" the date of the establishment of the "CLUB 4000" Group of the Italian Alpine Club of Turin Section, will, if required, aggregates the Turin Section if CAI members; if non-members will be enrolled, more if required, to the CAI Section of Turin, free for the first year.






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