The Altavia 4000 PROJECT in Turin on March 11 h.21
(c/o CAI UGET, Corso Francia 192)

The dream of "collecting" the ascent to all the peaks above 4000 meters above the Alps, is quite common for mountaineers passionate about High Mountains.
The realization of this dream instead is very complex. With Nicola we decided to give it a try, we wanted to climb all 82 4000 of the Alps in a maximum time frame of 82 days.
For us AltaVia 4000 had to be a journey through the Alps, to discover new places, great mountaineering routes and our limits. And so it was.
We chose to move with our van, we moved here and there in the mountains in search of good weather and the best mountain conditions.

It is possible to follow the event live on Instagram