Communication about the Quintino Sella hut

We inform the members that, on 16/10/2020, Club 4000 sent a letter to CAI Turin in which it is specified that the Board, after a internal discussion, has resolved that, starting from 1/11/2020, will no longer carry out any function regarding the Quintino Sella hut.

The troubled resolution depends on the progressive marginalization of the mentioned Club with respect to the decisions on the management and maintenance of the historic alpine hut, consequent to the conclusion of the restoration works.

However, the Board declared its readiness to discuss with the new Sectional Presidency and the Refuge Commission to better illustrate its positions on that.

Calendario 2021

2021 Calendars

Calendario 2021


This year the calendars will be sold exclusively by the Libreria della Montagna in Turin, where you can buy them in Via sacchi, 28 bis, or write or call the bookshop - ​​0115620024, to have them sent to you.


15.00 € cover price

13.30 € to Cai members

12.00 € to Club 4000 members


Shipping cost depending on the quantity and any international shipping, to be checked with the bookshop.

2020 annual meeting canceled

The 2020 annual meeting has been CANCELED

The trend of the pandemic is there for all to see, unfortunately we are witnessing a worse gradation of the situation.

In this scenario, also complicated by the government and regional amendments, we thought it appropriate to cancel the meeting.

It seemed to us that there were no minimum conditions for organizing it, neither for safety nor for serenity.

All that remains is to hope that this criticality passes as quickly as possible!

See you next year!


A leg in two for the 2020 honorary members of the Club

“Two men and one leg”: with self-irony about their condition, but above all with tenacity and determination, they are reaching extraordinary goals. It is really true that, as one of them reports on his website, "the limits are only in our mind". This is Andrea Lanfri, from Lucca, born in 1986, who at 29 contracts meningitis with meningococcal sepsis. After a month of coma he loses both legs and seven fingers. Thanks to the willpower and passion for sport, within a year he returns to his former life, approaching paralymipic athletics, starting to run with a pair of carbon fiber prostheses, purchased thanks to a fundraiser. First Italian athlete with double amputation of the lower limbs to go below 12 seconds in the 100 flat meters, he conquers three national records, two bronze medals, together with a silver at the European Championships, and a silver at the 2017 World Championships. In the same year he also returns to beloved mountain, already practiced before the illness: climbing and mountaineering, and begins to dream of climbing Everest. In 2018 he began his preparation with mountains over 5000 meters (Chimborazo volcano in Ecuador). He is the first multi-amputation athlete to reach an altitude of 7300 meters (Putha Hiunchiuli in Nepal).

The other protagonist of the story is Massimo (Max) Coda, from Biella, born in 1970, who in 2010 was the victim of a serious accident in the mountains that compromised the functionality of his right leg. After an ordeal that lasted 8 years and 16 surgeries, with months of forced bed rest and the definitive loss of correct walking, despite the apparent recovery, in 2018 he decided to have his right limb amputated to return to climbing and climbing. Mountain climbing.

Both returned to full possession of their lives thanks to the prostheses, the two met during a race in Liguria at the beginning of 2019 and, given the common passion, they decide to climb together, without resorting to other rope companions. Thus, this year, in total autonomy, they launch the ambitious #fivepeaks 2020 project: reaching the peaks of Gran Paradiso, Mont Blanc, Punta Gnifetti, Monviso and Cervino. Only on the Gran Becca did they stop before the summit, at Pic Tyndall.

This is why the Club4000 board of directors has decided to appoint Lanfri and Coda as honorary members for 2020. Thinking of these extraordinary people who, barring Covid impediments, we will celebrate at the shareholders' meeting, scheduled for Saturday 21 November in Turin , one cannot fail to mention Oliviero Bellinzani (1955-2015), the "man with wings", already appointed honorary member of the Club, capable of climbing 21 four thousand peaks with an artificial limb.

Barre des Ecrins

Barre and Dôme des Écrins are unreachable

The ascent to the westernmost and southernmost giant of the Alps, in the Dauphiné (France), has been strongly discouraged for some weeks.

The usual path of the normal route had been already replaced since the beginning of the season by one that developed to the left of the notorious glacial ramp (because this ramp is under the great seracs that were, in the meantime, partially collapsed).

Then, on 29th July, the alternative route was also the subject of a collapse of other ice masses, which resulted in the death of 4 climbers.

Since then, the ascent to the summit from the side of the Écrins refuge has been unofficially prohibited.

The Club is now made up of 15 nations!

With the joining of the Polish Ewa Katarzyna Slubicka, the nations represented by our association increase to 15.

Of the 522 current members, the largest group is obviously represented by the Italians (421), followed by Swiss (45) and French (17).

In the queue, Poland now keeps company with Sweden and Albania.

Ewa Katarzyna Slubicka (born in 1961, however resident in Turin) reached 31 peaks, mainly in the company of the mountain guide Gianni Predan and other usual climbing partners.

Foto Assemblea

Annual meeting and social dinner 2020

Saturday, 21st November 2020, 18.30

The usual annual meeting of the Club 4000 will be held in Turin, at the CAI Meeting Center at Monte dei Cappuccini, Ascent to CAI Torino Road, 12 (formerly Via Giardino) in Turin, starting at 18.30.

During the meeting, the photographs sent by the members to create the traditional 2021 Calendar will be shown, which will be available for purchase at a heavily discounted price.

The Assembly will also be an occasion for members to speak with comments and suggestions.

At 20.30 the traditional SOCIAL DINNER will follow at the restaurant of the same meeting center.

The reservation must be made by November 10 at the following address:


We hope many of you will come!!


PS: This is the general program, obviously it will have to be confirmed according to the trend of the sanitary crisis we are experiencing. New updates will be published on the site as the date approaches, stay tuned !!!


Pictures request for the Club 4000 calendar

Invite to all members to submit their photos


Even in this pandemic year, the Club4000 will publish the mountaineering calendar.

It will be, as usual, in vertical format but, great news, it will be in monochrome, to remember what we experienced with Covid.


Please send your photos (maximum 5) of the last 5 years, before Friday, 31st July 2020, to the email address:

Send your photos in the original color. Our graphic expert will transform it to monochrome, and we ask you in advance for permission to edit the photos. 

It is important to adjust the camera settings as described below:

  • set the highest resolution allowed
  • set the resolution of the picture to the highest value allowed. The minimum size is 2400 x 3600 pixels. Please make attention to the photos taken on your mobile phone: some devices shouldn’t have an enough resolution to fit the printed page.

We still remember the vertical format of the photos.

Happy mountaineering season to members and look forward to your photos!!!


The Club 4000 in the CAI – National Geographic volume

The twelfth release of the beautiful series "The enchanted mountains" (a CAI - National Geographic co-production) is, as the title reports, completely dedicated to the four thousand meter peaks. Inside the volume, 160 pages richly illustrated by splendid images, about twenty essays and contributions signed by top authors tell us, from various points of view (not only mountaineering but also anthropological, naturalistic, geological, historical and building) the world of high altitude. Among others, a prominent space is entirely reserved for us! In fact, Anna Girardi dedicates a portrait to us in the text entitled Il club delle cime segrete, giving voice to Daniela Formica and Luca Calzone (who took over the presidency of the Club), as well as to the mountain guide and our finisher member Franz Nicolini.

The editorial series "Le montagne incantate" was conceived to promote the CAI Italy way path. The first nine outings are dedicated to it, divided by geographical areas along the entire Alpine and Apennine arc, starting from the Carso and ending in Sicily and Sardinia. The next releases (there will be 15 in all) have expanded to the mountains of the world: from the 8000m peaks to Patagonia, from Africa to Alaska.

You can buy the volume on the Quattromila in April and early May at newsstands at a discounted price of 10 euros (instead of 12.90) by presenting the coupon found in the CAI monthly magazine "Montagne 360".


The new website is 2 months old! What do you think about?

It seems yesterday but 2 months have already passed!

In addition to celebrating, what better opportunity to analyze together what has been done?

We have prepared a questionnaire that will allow us, with your help, to understand the things that work and those that need to be improved.

The questionnaire can be completed by both members and not-members, even anonymously if you prefer.  Compilation time is approximately 2 minutes.


Il Club 4000, Gruppo del Club Alpino Italiano, sezione di Torino, riunisce gli alpinisti che hanno salito almeno 30 vette superiori ai 4000 m sulle 82 dell'elenco ufficiale UIAA.

Il Club 4000 vuol essere il punto di riferimento e di incontro per scambi di informazioni, documentazione ed esperienze

tra i praticanti l'alpinismo in alta quota con particolare riferimento alle vette delle Alpi superiori ai 4000 metri.

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