Andrea Lanfri on the Everest

We didn't have time to greet him at the Annual Assembly last November, when Andrea Lanfri "ran away" again up the mountains… and what mountains. Not satisfied with the 4000, climbed with the "Five Peaks" project in 2020 and the crossing of the Rosa in 2021, Andrea "doubles" and takes home the conquest of Everest, passing directly from 4000 of the Alps to 8848 meters of the highest peak. high in the world.

The enterprise began on March 23, when Andrea left with his friend and mountain guide Luca Montanari, with whom he formed the consortium that brought him from the Base Camp, through all the acclimatization phases and reaching the fields. intermediates, to conquer the summit: on May 13th at 6:00 local time Andrea reached the summit of Everest, becoming the first multi-amputee athlete and climber to reach the summit.

Before the departure he joked about it: "I want to try to touch the sky with three fingers, and in my situation there is also an advantage: my feet can't freeze" and with great tenacity and hard preparation work he made it. A great example of tenacity, passion, willpower.

Great Andrea, a point of reference for all of us.


[Giorgio Tori]