Invite to all members to submit their photos


Even in this pandemic year, the Club4000 will publish the mountaineering calendar.

It will be, as usual, in vertical format but, great news, it will be in monochrome, to remember what we experienced with Covid.


Please send your photos (maximum 5) of the last 5 years, before Friday, 31st July 2020, to the email address:

Send your photos in the original color. Our graphic expert will transform it to monochrome, and we ask you in advance for permission to edit the photos. 

It is important to adjust the camera settings as described below:

  • set the highest resolution allowed
  • set the resolution of the picture to the highest value allowed. The minimum size is 2400 x 3600 pixels. Please make attention to the photos taken on your mobile phone: some devices shouldn’t have an enough resolution to fit the printed page.

We still remember the vertical format of the photos.

Happy mountaineering season to members and look forward to your photos!!!