Two new finishers

The Altavia 4000 project gives us two finishers

As stated in their blog, with the Altavia 4000 project they didn't want to chase records. However, despite the pitfalls of a season with very unstable weather and ever less decipherable mountain conditions, they didn't go that far. If, in fact, in 2008, our partners Franco Nicolini and Diego Giovannini climbed all 4000 in 60 days, Nicola Castagna (26 years) and Gabriel Perenzoni (37 years), also from Trentino and both aspiring mountain guides, have employed 80 days to complete the project. Starting on May 4 with the ascent to the Gran Paradiso on skis (with which they climbed the first 30 peaks in as many days, before taking a week of forced rest, waiting for conditions to improve), the two concluded the ride on 22 July on the peaks of the Bernese Oberland with the Schreckhorn-Lauteraarhorn traverse.

Nicola Castagna, who is the youngest to have completed the 82 4000 collection, was trained at 15 at the Liceo della Montagna in Tione (Trento), under the aegis of Ermanno Salvaterra, with whom he made expeditions to Patagonia. In addition, he has to his credit the ascent of the North Face of the Eiger and various climbs in the United States.

Similarly, Gabriel Perenzoni has frequented the mountains since childhood, with agonistic past in alpine skiing at the age of 16, and experiences of the great international pilgrimage routes, before moving on to the most famous ski mountaineering competitions and ultra trails, from the Trophy Mezzalama at the Tor de Geant.

To them go the warmest congratulations of the Board of the Club4000.

2021 Calendar

Pictures request for the Club 4000 calendar

Invite to all members to submit their photos


Even for the 2022, the Club4000 will publish the mountaineering calendar that will be, as usual, in vertical and color format. 

Please send your photos (maximum 5) of the last 5 years, before Saturday, 31st July 2021, to the email address:

It is important to adjust the camera settings as described below:

  • set the highest resolution allowed
  • set the resolution of the picture to the highest value allowed. The minimum size is 2400 x 3600 pixels. Please make attention to the photos taken on your mobile phone: some devices shouldn’t have an enough resolution to fit the printed page.

We still remember the vertical format of the photos.

Happy mountaineering season to members and look forward to your photos!!!

2021 Calendar

Communication about the Quintino Sella hut

We inform the members that, on 16/10/2020, Club 4000 sent a letter to CAI Turin in which it is specified that the Board, after a internal discussion, has resolved that, starting from 1/11/2020, will no longer carry out any function regarding the Quintino Sella hut.

The troubled resolution depends on the progressive marginalization of the mentioned Club with respect to the decisions on the management and maintenance of the historic alpine hut, consequent to the conclusion of the restoration works.

However, the Board declared its readiness to discuss with the new Sectional Presidency and the Refuge Commission to better illustrate its positions on that.

Il Club 4000, Gruppo del Club Alpino Italiano, sezione di Torino, riunisce gli alpinisti che hanno salito almeno 30 vette superiori ai 4000 m sulle 82 dell'elenco ufficiale UIAA.

Il Club 4000 vuol essere il punto di riferimento e di incontro per scambi di informazioni, documentazione ed esperienze

tra i praticanti l'alpinismo in alta quota con particolare riferimento alle vette delle Alpi superiori ai 4000 metri.

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